Jen Silvera

Jen Silvera, RN, RYT 500, Baptiste Tier 3 Influencer, started practicing Power Vinyasa yoga in 1999. As a wife, new mom and ER nurse then, Jen discovered quickly that her yoga mat provided her a “stolen quiet moment” to take a breath. Quickly, she realized that her practice not only provided peace, it also supported her in healing sciatica – among other lesser ailments – while supporting her overall well-being.

Fast forward 8 years, Jen decided to pursue Yoga teaching so she could better support the health of others. She became so enamored with teaching yoga that, with her husband Sean, she created Baptiste Power Yoga San Francisco, where she continues to teach.

Jen’s running career has spanned, off and on, since high school, where she first ran hard as a field hockey player on Long Island. Over the years she has run a handful of half marathons and 5k’s, and continues to run for the connection to nature and to others that running provides. Additionally, Jen partners running and cycling with yoga, in an effort to maintain optimal physical and mental health.  

Whether it be via her yoga mat or running shoes, Jen’s approach to fitness is the same: “suffering is optional.” Jen views fitness not only as a responsibility, but as a gift. She acknowledges and teaches that it takes work. She is committed to compassionately and lightheartedly pushing herself, and others, outside their comfort zones and provides support every step of the way.

Her yoga classes are challenging and alignment based. You won’t hear music in the background. Rather, you will hear the sound of your breath in the forefront. Jen is committed to creating the sound of your breath and the movement of your body as the loudest and most interesting thing in the room!

Jen and Laura met on the yoga mat where they realized they both share a complimentary teaching philosophy and style.